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A review of the London and South East property market in 2020 and predictions for 2021

Despite the restrictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the housing market has thrived.  Agents and solicitors have reported a huge growth in the volume of transactions they managed during 2020 and the early part of 2021 and nowhere has this rapid rise in the property market been more prevalent than in London and the South East.

There are a number of factors behind this spike in activity.  The stamp duty holiday has certainly played a part and a build-up of demand during the various lockdowns may have concentrated transactions into shorter periods of time that could have skewed the figures.

However, the effects of remote working and being locked down has also prompted people to look for a new home.

Spending so much time at home made us question whether our current homes provided what we wanted and the likely scenario that we are unlikely to go back to the office on a full-time basis has made living further away, perhaps with more outside space, a practical alternative.

In our brand-new special report, our residential property team look at the last 12 months in much more detail.

Firstly, we cast a retrospective eye over how and why the property market performed so well in London and the South East during 2020 and highlight the areas that have seen the most growth over the last year.

Then we take a look at the future of the London and South East property market.  What should we expect during 2021 and what factors could be influential in driving a continued demand to move in the year ahead.

By Scott Battram, Associate at Hunters Law - 4th May 2021

You can download a copy of Hunters review of the London and South East property market in 2020/21 HERE.  Or, if you are planning to move to a new house in the near future, please contact one of Hunters residentail property team HERE to find out how they will ensure the process is as seamless and efficient as possible for you.

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