Fatima Ali (Thomas's Battersea)
Maternal Serenity by Fatima Ali

SW London's highly recommended, in-house Maternity Reflexologist

A completely natural therapeutic approach to reducing the physical and emotional discomfort of all stages of motherhood. From fertility right through to being a new mum and supporting your baby during their early weeks of life. 

With Reflexology you can ease the core pregnancy symptoms within the comfort of your own home.  

"As a mother of two myself I can testify to the amazing effects of reflexology and how this method relaxes both you and your baby, it’s a great bonding technique.”


  • Relieves symptoms of Nausea and vomiting, backache, swelling and much more 
  • Relaxation techniques with soothing finger-tip and thumb pressure 
  • Unblocks energy pathways to regain natural balance to heal itself
  • Improves sleep and overall wellbeing
  • Lowers stress and helps with mother and baby bonding 
Plus, many other positive advantages.


Directory Offer: 20% off first treatment.

For more information visit: www.maternalserenity.co.uk


M: 07903 042 167