Georgia Edmonds (Thomas's Battersea)
Teddy's Tails - Children's Picture Books

By Battersea Author, Georgia Edmonds

Fall in Love with Teddy!


Teddy and the Tygers is the first in the new series of children’s books, TEDDY'S TAILS. The books are inspired by the real life Teddy, a beloved furry family member, and many of the stories are based on his real life adventures.

Teddy is an adorable, cheeky puppy who loves having exciting adventures - in the first book Teddy and the Tygers he meets some new friends - The Tygers with amusing consequences.

Georgia's children’s books are written in rhyme and are fun for both the readers and the children. They are illustrated by the very talented artist, Jake Biggin.

It’s rare to find a child that doesn’t love stories about animals. They are very gentle, simple and positive stories that show the love a boy and his family can have for his puppy and vice versa. Teddy and the Tygers, explores the relationship between the new furry siblings and how they adjust (with Mum's help!) so they can live happily together and have fun.

The book would make a perfect birthday present for children aged 2-6 years.


  • Teddy and The Tygers is available on Amazon for £7.99 - click HERE

  • The second book in the series is Teddy Versus The Underwear which is also now available on Amazon for £8.99 - click HERE


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My daughter loved the story “about the doggie” and wants us to read it to her every morning! A really lovely story with wonderful illustrations.


Sophie, Mum of 2


My 3 year old son loves Teddy and the Tygers, it totally engaged him - the rhyme makes the book flow so well. It  includes some great vocabulary for young ones and the illustrations really tell the story. He immediately wanted me to read it again!

Millie, mum of Jules